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George Campbell Orthodontist in Scotland

As a highly-regarded orthodontist in Scotland, George Campbell’s work has brought him much acclaim and has helped patients throughout the country achieve a beautiful smile. He has a vast portfolio of practice locations, including practices in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Perth. In addition to his extensive experience and reputation, Mr. Campbell has also been commended for his attention to detail. His qualifications are second to none, with a MSc in orthodontics and an MOrth in Orthodontics from the Royal College of Surgeons in Edinburgh.

George Campbell orthodontist

George Campbell’s expertise in treating teeth of all ages makes him a highly sought-after specialist. He has been a part of the British Army for more than 20 years and has two clinics in Glasgow and the South East. His commitment to patient care has earned him the reputation of being an examiner for the Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh. While his practice is largely based in London, he also holds clinics in the South East and the South of England.

The GDC also found that Campbell failed to check the qualifications of his staff. A number of unqualified staff performed orthodontic treatments without training, causing serious and irreparable damage to patients. One of the patients in one of his clinics had his teeth misaligned and required a lifetime of restorative work. As a result, the patient has to go through a lifetime of treatment. The GDC has imposed sanctions against the orthodontist, who failed to check his staff’s qualifications.

The top NHS dentist in Scotland is George Campbell Orthodontist. He has six practices and earns PS2.1 million in one year. His high-profile practices include two in Glasgow and one in East Kilbride. In 2012-13, he received more than PS2.1 million from the health service. He is also a member of the British Orthodontic Society and is a member of the European Orthodontic Society. As a specialist in orthodontics, he is included in the Who’s Who of Dentistry.

Dr. George Campbell was referred to the GDC in 2011 after receiving complaints from thirty patients. The GDC found that the doctor had performed unnecessary extractions and removed healthy teeth from patients. He was suspended for nine months and told to improve his services. In addition to this, the GDC banned him from performing orthodontic surgery on children for a decade and referred him to a specialist in Edinburgh. Several years after the hearing, Dr. Campbell was still practicing in Glasgow.

After the investigation, Campbell has been a practicing orthodontist in Scotland for the last 25 years. He has expanded his practice by purchasing four more practices in the same city, and has also consulted with doctors in other fields. He has received complaints from patients for over 30 years. However, there are concerns about his treatment and his professional conduct. He denied the allegations made by the patients. The findings of the investigations have been criticized and the case is being appealed.