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How to Build a Strong Foundation For a Career in Social Work

Social workers are specially trained to help you navigate a variety of situations – whether it’s financial or mental health challenges, life transitions or relationships issues. They can also act as advocates, providing support when you don’t feel like anyone else is listening. All discussions are safe, confidential and non-judgemental.

Social work is a professional discipline that encompasses a wide range of skills, knowledge and attitudes that are essential to building a strong foundation for a career in this rewarding field. A qualification in social work can lead to a range of careers in the field, including family therapy, research, mental health, academia or management. Some social workers also choose to specialise in certain areas, such as child and family counselling, as well as provide support to people with specific disabilities.

Whether you’re looking to further your career prospects, boost your job social worker Brisbane satisfaction or explore new ways of being, studying short courses can be the perfect way to expand your knowledge. Many short courses have no entry requirements and offer a quick, convenient and affordable way to learn something new.

Studying a Bachelor of Social Work is a great way to gain the skills and knowledge you need for this exciting career. These courses offer a combination of theory and practical experience. You can find bachelor degrees offered by universities all over Australia, with some also offering combined qualifications in other fields such as mental health and learning disability nursing.

A recent systematic literature review examining the contributions, challenges and enablers of social work in primary health care identified a number of benefits. These included improved patient outcomes, enhanced team effectiveness and value for money. It was recommended that further studies investigate the nature, outcomes and context of social work practice in GP settings, with particular attention to the identification of barriers and enablers.

During your studies, you’ll be taught by leading academics in the field and have the opportunity to undertake clinical placements. Upon graduation, you’ll have the option to pursue a career in the community sector or specialised roles in family therapy, mental health, research and academia or policy and management. Many graduates continue to build their career through further qualifications, such as a graduate diploma in relationship, child and family counselling.

The ‘Find a Social Worker’ online directory is a search tool to make it easier to connect with AASW members who provide social work services. These may be covered by Medicare or the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). Many AASW members also operate private practices which do not include ‘social worker’ in their practice names and are badged as ’counselling’ or ’wellbeing’ practices.