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Manac Implements SAP Business Planning and Consolidation Solution With Createch Experts

Founded in 1966, Manac is the largest manufacturer of trailers in Canada and a leader in the manufacture of specialty trailers in North America. They specialize in the design and construction of custom trailers for highway transportation, construction, forestry and agriculture. Their product portfolio includes flatbeds, dry vans, low beds, logging, grain hopper and chip trailers. Their trailers are sold in Canada and the United States under recognized brands such as Manac, CPS, Darkwing, UltraPlate, Liddell Canada and Trailmobile.

Manac employees enjoy a variety of benefits, including group insurance, profit sharing and preretirement plans. The company also offers a pension plan, a medical benefit and drug coverage.

The Manac brand is one of the most recognized in North America, with a reputation for quality and innovation. They use cutting edge technology to build their trailers and offer a wide range of products to suit any job. The flying moose mud flaps are a trademark of the Manac name, and the company is dedicated to providing products that will stand up to the toughest jobs.

In order to better manage their budgets and financial statements, manac decided to implement the SAP Business Planning and Consolidation solution. Createch experts accompanied the project and made sure that the transition to the new system would be as smooth as possible.

Tervene is the company’s standard management tool that aligns daily management with the five pillars of performance: safety, quality, delivery, inventory and productivity. Supervisors and coordinators use the tool to structure their standard management practices and make it easier for them to share information between shift handovers.

They also use it to organize Gemba Walks and audits, which are used to identify issues on the factory floor that need addressing. These events help the company focus on improving its processes and ensuring compliance with the standards set by Manac.

Among the most important goals of the Gemba Walks and audits is to ensure that every problem is identified, addressed, and documented. This process helps coordinators identify a problem at its source, which helps them to resolve it more quickly.

The supervisors also use Tervene to coordinate their day-to-day management practices, focusing on seamless shift handovers between the day and evening teams as well as the weekend teams. This process has helped to promote operators to new supervising roles and onboard new supervisors to the team.

All in all, the Manac team is very happy with their choice of Tervene as it has improved their standard management practice and ensures that their employees have the necessary tools to achieve their objectives. They also like the way that it keeps traces of all the issues that are identified in the system, which facilitates solving them at the source.

The Manac family is proud of the long-lasting relationship that they have with their customers and suppliers, and the company’s commitment to delivering top-quality products and services. The company’s dedication to its customers and the industry at large has earned Manac an enviable reputation in the trucking industry.