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Review of Nangsta Hotel


One of my hobbies is making ice cream. This past weekend I made some delicious ice cream in my freezer from a packet we got at the local Co-op. I also have a mini ice cream van that I use for making ice cream when I am out of home and running short time. Here is one of my favorite places to get ice cream, nangsta nangsta.com.au in Melbourne city is a must visit an ice cream parlor!

Nangsta ice cream is one of three restaurants in the city where you can get a good selection of international and Melburnian sweets and ice cream. Nangsta also has a special International flavour of whipped cream. It comes in three flavors – banana, chocolate and caramel. The International flavour is not to be missed. Nangsta also sells a large variety of other ice cream products like sorbet, sherbet, fudge and many more.

When you go to Nangsta you can choose between having a sit down meal or having a booth at the market. The restaurant has four different kinds of booths that you can choose to sit in. The booths range in price from a few dollars to around 40 dollars. For extra treats you can get additional items such as banana splits or chocolate sauces, depending on your preference. Most of the booths sell various kinds of toppings and mix it up with the whipped cream. The mix is a combination of fruit, nuts and cream.

Besides selling various kinds of ice creams and other sweets, nangsta also sells milk and juice. The juices are full of Vitamin C, Vitamin B, potassium and other nutrients that our body needs. Milk is served in glasses that have different flavors such as vanilla or carrot. While the milk is delicious, it is actually one of the cheapest options for a treat at a restaurant.

The Nangsta does not have a kid-friendly menu like other restaurants. It does have chicken nang, beef nang and pork can, but it does not come with dessert. However, if you want to get desserts, you can ask for a sugar free dessert. The restaurant has over twenty varieties of drinks to offer including coffee, orange juice, tomato juice and other sodas, juices, milkshakes, cappuccino and other milkshakes. There is also a large variety of pitchers for those who want a refreshing drink before they eat their meals.

You can also get a large variety of Thai food at Nangsta including pho, oyster omelette and other great delicacies. A popular entree is the Nangsta Thai Chicken, beef and vegetable stew. The noodles are well cooked and the vegetables mixed well with spices to give you a spicy taste.